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tix premium ticketing package and front of your favorite bands along with early exclusive merch. We will be closed May 28th & June 17th for the month of May. The Online store will be open in June. Thank you so much for your support. June 1st- June 20th will be the final concert dates for the year. VIP and premium ticket purchase code to enter door on Tuesday night: #MAYCONN #BUBBLEBUNTUSTRAIN (or VIPPTC)Q: How do I find index of a given number in an array? I have an array containing the numbers from 0 to 13. I have a number, say 5, how can I find the index of this number in the array? A: You can use this int pos = array.indexOf(5); int pos = Integer.parseInt("111111").indexOf("111111"); Just use Arrays.binarySearch Q: Can I install a long-chain gear-set in place of my existing short-chain ring-gear? I have a bike (Mavic XC-3) with a single rear-ring-gear. I'd like to add a single-speed cog, and replace the existing rear-ring-gear with a longer chainring. Is it possible to use an existing set of cogs and chainrings (e.g. Maillard, or a new Maillard) and simply add a longer rear-ring-gear? Or will the chainring need to have the same chainline? You can, but only if the rear ring gear is used for the chainring. It's the primary difference in the three gears, you can't just swap cogs. (post 2) How to change the color of dynamic header in UIStackView? I have a custom UITableViewCell that contains a UIView. I add the cell's header to a UIStackView using the following code: let sectionHeader = UIView() let sectionHeaderImage = UIImageView() sectionHeader.translatesAutoresizingMaskInt




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